Payment Information


You can request a space for your child using the ‘Request a Place’ tab.




At this point, you will be asked for some basic information (child’s name, phone number, email address).


Once all requests are in – usually a couple of weeks before – the Breakaway Manager will allocate spaces on sessions based on staffing, child ratios, and remaining SBLO hours.


When a space is confirmed, you will receive an email containing the dates allocated and instructions for how to pay.


The current cost per hour is £3.50 (£10.50 per session).


Payment will usually be made via PayPal, and a request will be sent from there.


Breakaway Booking T&Cs


  • A space on a scheme is confirmed only upon receipt of an email detailing dates and requesting payment.
  • The automatic booking request confirmation does not guarantee a space at the session you have requested.
  • All spaces are subject to staffing and children’s ratios.
  • The Breakaway Manager reserves the right to cancel any spaces offered for any reason relating to the safe running of the scheme.
  • In the event of your child being involved in an incident onsite that puts themselves or other children at risk, the Play Leader or Breakaway Manager may call on the day for early collection and review any further spaces offered in the interests of safety if necessary.
  • All spaces offered must be paid for in advance of the first day offered and must be paid for via PayPal. PAYMENT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED ONSITE.
  • Children with a high remaining balance of SBLO hours are given priority when allocating spaces, unless there is a safety reason (such as mix of children or staff availability) that prevents this.
  • Spaces will not be offered to children with no remaining SBLO hours, except in extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the Breakaway Manager.
  • If you arrive onsite with no space confirmed and paid for, you will be asked to leave. 
  • Any changes to your child’s needs, including medication and behaviour, must be reported to Breakaway at the earliest possible opportunity. Failure to do so may result in no further sessions being offered until an updated care plan and/ or risk assessment is completed.
  • Absence must be reported at the earliest possibility. While payments may be refunded or carried forward in the event of pre-reported absence, SBLO hours may still be counted, depending on how soon the absence is reported.
  • If there is no notification of absence, or absence is only reported when the Play Leader calls on the day to check attendance, the session fee and the SBLO allowance will both be debited.
  • If your child requires/ may require changing during the day, make sure they have a spare set of clothes with them.
  • Activities onsite may vary according to the season, staffing, and availability.
  • If an offsite visit is planned, you will be notified, and confirmation of permission will be taken beforehand.
  • In the event of emergency closure on the day, the emergency shutdown policy will come into effect. If the scheme is cancelled before the start time, parents will be notified by telephone and email, and if appropriate, a member of staff will wait onsite to ensure the message is received by all. If the scheme needs to be cancelled during the day, parents will be contacted by telephone and email, and the children will be supervised in a safe place until all have been collected. SBLO hours will not be debited in the event of the scheme being cancelled.